Books of Magic #15 Review

by Nick Devonald on January 02, 2020

Writer: Kat Howard
Layouts: Tom Fowler
Finishes: Craig Taillefer
Colors: Jordan Boyd
Letters: Todd Klein

This issue is quite a slow issue but it succeeds in building up all the different threats towards Tim, who he is more or less completely oblivious. The threats he does know about he’s fairly indifferent towards, not seeing the danger they present. Then there are the threats he doesn’t know about.

So many different forces are aligning themselves against Tim and he just doesn’t see it. Perhaps as a parent myself it makes me look at it slightly differently but I can't help but feel like there's an element of youth knowing best being played our here. There’s a naivety about him and his actions where you want to shake him to see the danger of it. But of course he is at that age where it wouldn’t make any difference, these are mistakes he needs to make for himself. And there’s an inevitability about what is coming and how he will be hurt as well. You want him to avoid it but know really all he needs is someone to help him pick up the pieces afterwards.

I’ve enjoyed how well written it is, so that the reader can see all of these threats yet Tim himself is totally oblivious to them all. Towards the end of the issue Tim meets a new “ally”, who right from the get-go the reader can see doesn’t have Tims best interests at heart. But Tim is totally oblivious to the threat he presents, instead seeing it as another example of people making choices for him instead of involving him. We get to see how Tim's new friend manipulated the scenario to gain Tims trust and we end up with yet another threat to TIm.

It’s going to be interesting to see how all these threats manifest themselves. Because while there are a number of dangers to him, these threats aren’t all allied together, so it’ll be interesting to see where they go. There's plenty of conflict coming but how it will play out remains to be seen.

What is sad to see is Ellie’s continuing distrust of Tim after events earlier in the series. It’s now taking a real turn for the worse with her taking active steps to protect herself from him. And her and Fatima are now talking with Tyler, enemy of my enemy and all that. It's a sad turn of events and promises to cause problems for Tim in the future.

The art from Tom Fowler and Craig Taillefer continues to be really good, I’ve enjoyed it. And Jordan Boyds colors really make the most of their art, making the three of them a really good team.

Threats continue to mount against Tim Hunter who is oblivious to most of them. This issue succeeds in building up tension even while not neccessarily progressing the plot very much. This arc promises to be a really good one.

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