Annihilation Scourge: Fantastic Four Review

by Nick Devonald on December 04, 2019

Writer: Christos Gage
Peniciler: Diego Olortegui
Inkers: Juan Vlasco with Cam Smith
Colors: Erick Arciniega
Letters: VC’s Travis Lanham

Considering the Fantastic Fours long history with Annihilus and the negative zone it’s a surprise to think that they haven’t actually taken part in any of the Annihilation events so far, they seem like they would make a natural fit. Well this is remedied here and we get to see them in their first Annihilation event, albeit a mini one.

We start off with a brief history of Johnny Storms history with the negative zone. That’s probably the most relevant bit of back story you need to follow this one shot, and it’s more than sufficient for newcomers to follow along.

By seperating the event into a series of one shots focusing on different characters it gives the event a sense of scale which might be lacking otherwise since it’s only six issues in total. So far the one shots are mostly independent of each other, although there is a minor spoiler if you read Nova before this one so Fantastic Four should probably be read first for maximum enjoyment, although there’s no real harm in reading them in any order.

One of the appeals of the Cancerverse is seeing the evil, twisted forms of the heroes we love. The Revengers are the perfect example of this. Here we get to see new heroes perverted by the Cancerverse and they deliver in spades. There’s a fantastic double spread showing off plenty of action.

There is also a fantastic full page spread which really highlights what it is about the Fantastic Four that make them the heroes they are. In an action packed comic like this it’s nice to see some time being spent on the characters themselves, a real good look at just who they are, because it’s easy for all of that to be swept up in the action. Gage has done a really good job here.

The art team of Diego Olortegui, along with Juan Vlasco, Cam Smith and colors from Erick Arciniega do a great job of depicting the negative zone along with the evil cancerverse version of the different heroes. They are a team that work well together.

I look forward to all the characters coming together in Annihation Scourge: Omega. It promises to be quite an issue, and if all the one shots released so far are an indication of quality this is a series that fans of Marvel Cosmic, especially Annihilation events, are going to love.

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