Buffy #10 Review

by Nick Devonald on December 04, 2019

Writer: Jordie Bellaire
Artist: David López
Colors: Raúl Angulo
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Buffy is still absent in #10, but like the previous issue we get a chance for some of the other characters to shine a little. This issue focuses on Robin, who we’ve seen far too little of throughout the series. We also deal with his surprise guest from the end of the previous issue. There’s a good chance that fans of the TV series, or if you’ve seen the preview of #11’s cover (released way too early in my mind), have a pretty good idea who she is. But for reasons of spoilers I won’t go into any details.

Whatever has been affecting the men in Sunnydale continues to do so. Giles was especially obvious in the previous issue, now it seems to have spread to all the men in general. Xander is the possible exception to this, perhaps his half vampire physiology is helping spare him. Otherwise all the men seem angry, and dripping with sweat.

We also get to see a bit more of Rose, which is a nice touch. I did worry after she broke up with Willow that we weren’t going to see much more of her, but there’s hints here that she’s going to become an important character.

The story is taking its time to develop organically rather than feeling rushed, which has been refreshing. Although the conclusion to this issue suggests that #11 will step it up a little.

There’s a good scene between Giles and Robin, tensions high because of whatever’s affecting the men in Sunnydale. It leaves the reader desperate for them to stop arguing and work together. I can’t help but feel like they would both benefit from that. I can see Giles taking on a bit of a mentor role for Robin at some point in the future, if they can set aside their differences. Making Robin a teenager rather than the adult from the TV series was a nice touch and I look forward to seeing his inclusion and role within the Scooby Gang.

There’s an interaction quite early on between Robin and his guest which hints at his mums fate. Fans of the TV series will be desperate to know if it’s the same or similar to the one there, and what that will mean going forward. It promises drama anyway. There is also a little discussion on Slayer mythology, and I look forward to finding out a little more. It’s been modernised from the TV series and it would be nice to get a little clarity going forward about it all.

This new character was probably the weakest part of the issue for me. There is no explanation yet for her presence, or quite what it means. I would have liked a little bit more information rather than waiting for future issues to clarify it a little. A minor gripe though.

I’ve mentioned in the past I don’t think David López is the right fit as artist for Buffy, and while that’s still true his art is either improving or growing on me. I should add that I think he’s a talented artist, just he’s not the artist I would have chosen for Buffy. Anyway his art was less of a hang up for me in this issue. His Giles is well done, and the library is recreated faithfully from the TV series. The new or reimagined characters like Rose and Robin are good too. Generally though it’s a little bit cartoony for me, especially Xander and Willow. And I don’t like how he draws Cordelia either. Still, that’s a matter of personal preference and I’m sure there’s loads of fans out there who really like his style.

Another good issue in a consistently strong run, focusing on characters that have so far been a little neglected it is sure to be a fan pleaser. Things look to be coming to a head in the next issue which promises to be good. As with all issues in the rebooted Buffyverse, highly recommended.

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