Angel #7 Review

by Nick Devonald on November 27, 2019

Writer: Bryan Edward Hill
Illustrator: Gleb Melnikov
Colors: Roman Titov
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

The Angel reboot from Boom! Studios has been really good, all the characters are coming together, and this issue brings in a few more pieces which are all staples of the Angel TV series. Without giving away any spoilers the appearance of two fan favourite characters and an evil lawfirm is sure to put a grin on any Angel fans. As the series progresses it’s really separating itself from Buffy and becoming a lot closer to the TV series, which is great.

The addition of Spike to Angel, like series five of the TV series, has been a stroke of genius for both the character and the comic. It's let Spike shine, which he continues to do, and also something to look forward to when Angel returns from the Hellmouth. And with the news that after #8 Angel is going to be rebranded to Angel & Spike #9 onwards I’m very, very excited about the future of this series.

The Boom! Series has had quite a different take on Fred, and here we learn even more and see a much darker side to the character, which I’m really enjoying.

We also see that Spike and Lilith have a history going back hundreds of years, so it’ll be interesting to learn more about her history with Spike and Angel over the years and I look forward to finding out more about this new character.

Angel, both the TV series and the comic, has always been a bit darker than Buffy. It’s one of the things that has always drawn me to it. There’s some references to Angelus here, and I can’t wait for his inevitable introduction to the series. Couple that with the humour from the TV series and I feel like Angel fans are in for a real treat here.

Just like the previous issue, this is stronger for the both the absence of Angel, and the slower pace letting the characters have their time in the spotlight. I feel when Angel does eventually return we’ll have that team dynamic that was always so good in the TV series. Angels presence is beginning to be missed however and I look forward to his return, when Hellmouth finishes.

I’ve really enjoyed the art from Gleb Melnikov throughout Angel and this issue is no exception. I think Melnikov really captures the characters likenesses. One of the new characters has a different, younger appearance, than the TV series which I wasn’t too sure of to begin with, although I suspect that might have to do with separating her appearance from Fred, which I don’t have a problem with. Plus it’s nice to keep things fresh and different.

The colors from Roman Titov are also great, the other new (to the comics anyway) character is a really good example of this and sticks out in my mind as a great example of the well done colors.

Another great issue of Angel, high standards of writing, art and colors as always. This series is really finding its feet and the pieces are all coming together to recreate the feel of the TV series. A must for old, and new, fans.

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