Firefly #11 Review

by Nick Devonald on November 20, 2019

Writer: Greg Pak
Illustrator: Dan McDaid (Inks by Vincenzo Federici (pages 1 – 8)
Colors: Marcelo Costa
Letters: Jim Campbell

We’re now 11 issues into Boom! Studio’s take on Firefly and the penultimate issue of this first story arc. The series has generally been good fun and reminiscent of the TV series, and this issue is no different. HOWEVER, I’d like to point out that some of the characterisation has been a little off. I appreciate it isn’t Joss Whedon and as such was never going to be perfect, but a couple of moments just feel off. The rebooted Buffyverse has been spot on for me, but at times this has fell a little flat. I’m aware this has divided the fanbase a little, fans either love it or hate it.

The other challenge facing the creative time is the fact it’s set between Firefly and Serenity. As such we know all the characters are going to survive. It’ll be interesting to see how Inara and Shepherd end up separated from the crew before the events of Serenity take place, but we also know that no matter how dire things look for our heroes they’re not in any real danger.

Then each time the arc is going to be wrapped up something happens which makes everything ten times worse. While that was one of the staples of the TV series, 11 issues in it feels a little bit overdone and drawn out. Perhaps 4-6 issues an episode rather than 12 might have stopped it feeling drawn out.

This sounds like a lot of criticism but it’s not all bad. I am enjoying the series. Generally, the banter between the crew is great. It’s good fun and is mostly reminiscent of the series. If you’ve managed to stick with it for the previous 10 issues you’ll probably continue with it, and for those fans still on the fence nothing is going to change your mind either way.

The artwork is spot on, Dan McDaid really nails the characters and their facial expressions are spot on. That has been one of the standout things about this series and is a good reason to carry on reading it.

At the conclusion to the last issue we had Ma Reynolds appear. This is a fascinating look at Mal’s background and maybe helps explain how he became the man he is today. It’s also an interesting look at Mal’s character growth since the conclusion of the war. We see how he’s changed, for the better, and this is a good way to highlight it.

We’ve got classic Firefly humour here, a discussion around Mal’s face in particular stands out as a highlight. The stakes are high, the chances for our heroes look slim, classic Firefly in other words.

With only one issue left before the conclusion of this first story arc everything looks set against our heroes. I only hope future story arcs are a bit quicker and more fun, rather than just a case of the stakes constantly rising and rising.

Fans of Boom! Studios offerings of Firefly so far will continue to enjoy this series. As this is the only continuation we’re likely to get for Firefly I say no power in the ‘Verse will stop me reading them. A few small tweaks to the formula could make this a really fantastic series.

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