Hellmouth #2 Review

by Nick Devonald on November 13, 2019

Writers: Jordie Bellaire & Jeremy Lambert
Illustrator: Eleonora Carlini
Colours: Cris Peter
Letters: Ed Dukeshire

Hellmouth #2 picks up straight after the events of Hellmouth #1 and starts to deliver on some of the things that have been getting teased throughout the Buffy/Angel series. This issue really focuses on Buffy and Angel meeting and that’s something that fans have been dying to see throughout this reboot series. And it doesn’t disappoint. They may be temporary allies but there is some definite tension between them which makes for some fantastic banter back and forth. And all this without Angel’s secret being revealed yet.

I can actually hear the voices of Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz throughout. That's how well written they are. Then there's the artwork which is absolutely fantastic. They don’t quite capture the likeness of the characters from the series but that doesn’t matter, it’s always clear exactly who everybody is and they are consistent throughout. A noticeable step up from David Lopez’ art throughout the main Buffy series.

The Hellmouth itself is really well done, and there are some panels which are framed by the stalagmites and stalactites of the Hellmouth that stood out in particular to me. While talking about the art I’d be remiss not to mention a panel in Hellmouth #1 where Angel makes his entrance through the library doors. The double doors swinging open as he stepped through was such an iconic moment and reminiscent of the series.

Onto the writing and the story itself. Regular Buffy writer Jordie Bellaire is joined here by Jeremy Lambert and the writing is spot on. There is a prophecy at play here which has been slowly teased throughout the Buffyverse, and makes a strong parallel with the first season of Buffy.

Just like the solo series are benefiting from the main characters absence, having only Buffy and Angel together in Hellmouth makes them stronger because the story can focus on these two iconic characters. It gives the writers a chance to build up their relationship. Whether they’ll become love interests or not remains to be seen, but like other aspects of the reboot I won’t count on them getting together anytime soon. Especially considering some of the details we learn about the prophecy here.

One of the advantages of telling a story like Buffy or Angel in comic book format is there isn’t any concerns about budgets or what is possible on TV, instead the writers are free to tell the story they want to tell, and Hellmouth in particular really benefits from this.

It’s clear from reading this issue that the reader still doesn’t know exactly what is going on, every time we think we’re getting a handle on the situation we realise that isn’t the case at all. It makes for some exciting reading with some interesting twists.

I haven’t been too sure about the reboots take on Drusilla so far. I much prefer the TV’s insane take on her rather than this lucid one we’ve had so far. Howver the conclusion to this issue has me really excited to see what’s coming next. One thing cleverly handled with the reboot in general has been how the changes have kept it fresh for old fans but completely accessible to new ones.

Another fantastic issue in the rebooted Buffyverse, only two issues into Hellmouth and the stakes are already so high. The excellent storytelling matched by outstanding artwork makes this issue and whole event a must have for Buffy fans new and old.

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