Angel #6 Review

by Nick Devonald on October 23, 2019

Writer: Bryan Edward Hill
Illustrator: Gleb Melnikov
Color Artist: Roman Titov
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire
Publisher: Boom! Studios

Before I get into the nitty gritty with this review I want to take a minute to talk about the whole Buffy/Angel reboot with Boom! Studios. Buffy has been fantastic, it’s really captured the feel of the early series but updated it for a modern generation while still keeping it fresh for long time fans.

It wasn’t till I read issue #1 that I realised the Dark Horse series, as much as I enjoyed it, wasn’t the TV series. There’s always differences translating from one medium to another, but Boom! Studios have shown that doesn’t mean it loses the feel of the TV series.
Angel on the other hand hasn’t quite got there yet. It’s good, and very much feels part of the buffyverse, but it’s not the TV show quite yet. It’s treading a fine line between establishing Angel as part of Buffy, but also a separate series in L.A.. A mash up between Buffy and Angels earlier seasons. I have every faith it will get there, but right now we’re missing Angel Investigations, visions, and Wesley (Yes we’re missing other characters, but his and Cordelia’s absence are arguably the mostly strongly felt. And since Cordelia is currently at high school I can’t see her joining the vampires comic just yet)

Now that I’ve sung the series praises enough onto some of the negatives, the artwork hasn’t been to my liking in Buffy since Buffy #5, when the incredibly talented Dan Mora was replaced by David Lopez. And it’s not that his artwork is bad, it’s just that Dan Mora’s was so good it really highlights the difference between them. Angel on the other hand has benefited from having the same artist, Gleb Melnikov, throughout. The artwork has been strong and consistent and really adds to the story.

Then there’s Spike. Spike has, after his introduction, been mostly relegated to the side-lines. Drusilla has taken much more of a role, while he’s taken a backseat. And this leads me onto Angel #6. (Finally, I hear you say, this is supposed to be an Angel review after all.)
Angel #6 begins with a couple of pages of Spike, lamenting his recent mistreatment at Drusilla’s hands. This is the spike we’re familiar with. The introduction also gives us a good idea of Spikes emotional state, and is generally fun, whilst also reminding the readers of the stakes that our heroes face.

This issue benefits enormously from the fact that its titular character is currently starring alongside Buffy in the Hellmouth event, and this issue benefits from his absence. We start to get a feel for Gunn, previously teased then brought into the fold in the previous issue. Fred also has a chance to shine, and we can see the beginnings of their friendship.

Like the first arc, where aside from introducing Angel and his mission, the focus was on the rebooted incarnation of Fred, this second arc looks to be focusing on Gunn. I think this is a really good approach to take to the story telling and doesn’t overwhelm us with too many characters at once.

Lilith is one character I didn’t take to initially, but she’s beginning to grow on me. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s going be guiding our heroes rather than the visions from the tv series. This would make an interesting reversal, rather than the Powers That Be pulling the strings in the background it would be a demon. But that’s just conjecture.

There are a couple of Easter eggs in here for fans of the series which made me excited to see where they go next. This has been a good set up for the rest of the arc, and I look forward to some more issues without Angel to let the rest of his team have their moment in the spotlight.

The artwork is good throughout the issue, and really captures the characters. The environments have been really well captured and you know instantly where you are, whether it’s a glitzy club, night time in the glow of L.A., or a flashback set in the past.

Another great issue, and in this modern age of binging makes me impatient for the next issue to see what happens next. A must for Buffy/Angel fans.

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