Spider-Man #2 Review

by Nick Devonald on October 16, 2019

Writers: J.J. Abrams & Henry Abrams
Artist: Sara Pichelli
Inker: Sara Pichelli
Color Artist: Dave Stewart
Publisher: Marvel Comics

This review assumes you’ve read Spider-Man #1, please be aware if you haven’t there will be spoilers.

The second issue of this new series penned by J.J. Abrams (Yes, that J.J. Abrams) and his son Henry continues to defy expectations. Issue #1 completely turned classic Spider-Man lore on its head. Firstly by killing Mary Jane in the first few pages, the reveal of them having a kid, then Peter giving up being Spider-Man. This was all new territory. And in classic J.J. Abrams style every few pages had a new reveal, an unexpected twist or turn, making sure we understood this was all new territory. This is a brand-new origin story for a brand-new Spider-Man.

This is Peter Parker but unlike we’ve ever seen him before. The focus here is on his teenage son Ben. It lives in its own continuity which makes it quite accessible for casual readers, many of whom will be drawn in by the fact it’s J.J. Abrams.

One of the interesting things going on in the background is the fall of Peter Parker, who is almost unrecognisable. One of Peter’s strengths is that he always gets back up, always keep on fighting, but here is a Peter who didn’t. The loss of Mary Jane was too devastating.

There is a new take on the classic “With great power comes great responsibility” which of course goes hand in hand with Spider-Man. Another example of a classic Spider-Man trope becoming brand new.
A big part of the story is the relationship between Peter and Ben, which is almost non-existent. I find this quite an interesting choice when the writing is a collaboration between father and son, although that helps to give the relationship a little more authenticity.

The art by Sara Pichelli is good, she has plenty of experience drawing Spider-Man as the first artist for Miles Morales. She is just as comfortable drawing scenes of devastation (the first few pages of #1 in particular spring to mind) as she is drawing quiet scenes in May’s house, or action scenes with Spider-Man swinging around the city.

I look forward to finding out more about the villain, Cadaverous, a brand new creation for this story line. He is a hulking monstrosity, encased in some kind of robotic body, with an army of smaller robots which have more in common with the xenomorph from aliens than a classic Spider-Man villain. Not very much has been revealed about him yet, and I’m not sure how I rate him yet. But as in classic J.J. Abrams fashion I think details will be leaked slowly over the series until we get a confrontation, each issue giving us more clues whilst also deepening the mystery.

So far some of the details are only inferred, whether we’ll get more info later or not remains to be seen. Peters hand was mangled in his initial battle with cadaverous, later he is sporting a prosthetic hook. Will we learn more? It’s unclear at this point.

These first two issues have been enjoyable reads. It almost feels too early on to say how good this series will be yet, too many unknowns, but if it carries on the way the first two issues did readers will be in for a treat.

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