Uncle Scrooge #51 Review

by Nathan Koffler on November 27, 2019

Writers: Fausto Vitaliano and Pietro B. Zemelo
Artists: Paolo Di Lorenzi and Roberto Vian
Colorist: Disney Italia
Letterer: Amauri Osorio
Translator: Erin Brady
Publisher: IDW

Late last year, IDW released the mini-series Uncle Scrooge: My First Millions as a four part series with each issue containing an explanation of how Scrooge obtained his first four million dollars. Those were a lot of fun despite how silly and simple the storytelling was. The simple storytelling of Disney comics are charming to me so I usually go in expecting them to be cute, not necessarily mind-blowing. 

Uncle Scrooge #51 contains two stories, one being the explanation of how Scrooge obtained his fifth million. I don’t know if the structure of the story is just old to me since I already read it four times in this My First Millions series, but it was quite boring here. Even beyond that, I do think that this just isn’t a good addition to the My First Millions storyline. There are times that these Disney comics feel a little forced and there are times that they feel very forced and it can completely ruin the comic for me. This is an example of a story that is trying way too hard to fit the structure of the other four parts and this one just falls flat. 

I don’t want to breakdown all the ridiculous things in the issue that bothered me because those ridiculous things are what makes these Disney comics so fun to me usually. But sometimes, those ridiculous things just seem like lazy plot points that aren’t clever or funny. The entire story of how Scrooge got his fifth million is full of situations and instances that don’t work and don’t flow together well at all. 

However, as with most Disney comics both old and new, the artwork in the first story is wonderful. 

Luckily, the second story, “The Paradoxical Protest,” is shorter, funnier, and much more clever. This story is about Scrooge having to make a tough decision due to a protest by the Beagle Boys. There are plenty of humorous moments here that help make up for how stale the first story was. 

I know not to expect too much from these Disney comics, but more often than not, they not only satisfy a need for Disney comics for me, but they truly do provide some very entertaining stories. There are times when the comics fall flat and Uncle Scrooge #51’s first and longer story does just that. The second story may be good, but probably not worth the purchase of the entire issue. 

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