The White Trees #2 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 25, 2019

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Kris Anka
Colorist: Matt Wilson
Letterer: Aditya Bidikar
Publisher: Image Comics

One of the many things about The White Trees that appeals to me is the pace of the storytelling. Oftentimes, I give up on series that tell a story too slowly. I also often see others concerned about mini-series having the ability to tell stories in the smaller amount of issues. For me personally, I don’t like when comic book stories are dragged out and it has caused me to completely avoid publishers and subgenres for years. There is a place for slowly paced stories, sure, but there is also something wonderful about an efficient and exciting two-issue series.

The White Tress is exactly that: a fantastic story that is action-packed and paced quickly. The story isn’t rushed and we are able to get all that we need from writer Chip Zdarsky for the story to be enjoyable. 

The characters are an important part of what makes this series so entertaining. I enjoyed the fact that this series was two issues, but Krylos the Bold is badass enough to have me wanting a tad more of him. However, the beauty of Chip Zdarsky's writing is that there isn’t anything else to know regarding Krylos. This second issue of The White Trees, along with the information we received in the first issue, perfectly wraps up Krylos’ past and his future. His past may be really fun to read about, but the present that we read about in this series is the beautiful, sad, and complicated reality that sets this story apart from every other generic action comic book story. 

Speaking of action, The White Trees #2 has some of the best looking action scenes that I’ve seen and that is a testament to Kris Anka’s incredible artwork. These scenes are almost like watching battle ballet as the movements are sharp and graceful which allows the fighting to be brutal and exciting. 

As a whole, the artwork in this second issue is gorgeous enough to just stare at in awe. From the close-ups of characters, to zoomed out views of cities, to the battle scenes, Anka delivers such uniquely dazzling visuals from the first page to the last. 

Which brings me to Matt Wilson’s colors, which bring Anka’s illustrations and Zdarsky’s writing to another level. By that, I mean his coloring takes that gorgeous artwork and makes it absolutely stunning. 

After the first issue of The White Trees, I had high expectations and this team wasn’t about to let those expectations go unmet. They delivered a glorious second issue with everything I wanted and more.

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