Something is Killing the Children #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 04, 2019

Writer: James Tynion IV
Artist: Werther Dell'edera
Colorist: Miquel Muerto
Publisher: Boom! Studios

As much as I am a fan of the horror genre and horror comics themselves, I’ve read a lot of horror series that are way too unoriginal or rely on visuals to tell subpar stories. I am very happy to tell you that Something is Killing the Children #1 is not one of those comics. No, Something is Killing the Children is something special and exciting. From the very start, I thought that it wasn’t going to be any different than the many comic books that share similar storylines. This issue doesn’t necessarily differ from other horror comics too much, but it is already executed differently and it is working. 

James Tynion IV has quite a resume and Something is Killing the Children will be a nice addition. This first issue is broken up into several different parts of the same story, essentially following events right before and after a major and tragic incident. The scenes change almost abruptly and this feature adds to the unsettling tone the story is holding. Everything about the characters and situations is mysterious and interesting and instead of dragging us along and very slowly revealing answers like plenty of other horror comics do, Tynion does a great job at leaving us with more questions and satisfying enough to make this issue feel very full and solid.

The writing in this issue is absolutely amazing and somehow the artwork is almost even more so. Each scene has its own morbid atmosphere due to Tynion’s sad and dramatic writing, but also because of artist Werther Dell’edera and colorist Miquel Muerto’s artwork. The artwork makes everything that we’re seeing feel uneasy and it stirs up quite a bit of curiosity. And just as importantly, the gore is excellent and detailed and still not over-the-top or silly. There is also a deep sadness that jumps out of the pages that immediately becomes palpable after the first scene. 

Something is Killing the Children is a great story being told with incredible writing and beautiful, haunting artwork. It is everything I want from a horror comic book. 

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