Second Coming #2 Review

by Nathan Koffler on August 19, 2019

Writer: Mark Russell
Artist: Richard Pace
Inker: Leonard Kirk
Colorist: Andy Troy
Letterer: Rob Steen

After a wonderful first issue, AHOY Comic’s Second Coming reprises its role as one of the best comics of the month with a fantastic follow-up. It is still surprising and refreshing that Mark Russell has created this entire story without too much of anything that could potentially make it annoying. For example, there are a couple of learning moments within both issues and yet, it doesn’t feel lame or forced. This second issue in particular does an excellent job at allowing those deep moments to flow with the issue’s humor. 

Another positive surprise is how this second issue has made me feel about the characters. I don’t know that I expected to necessarily dislike Jesus’ character, but I find him very entertaining and lovable. I also love when he legitimately uses parts of the New Testament as part of his life and even more so that he uses those stories in a serious way, like his temptation in the desert. It feels like it would have been easy for Mark Russell to have turned the humor up loudly when referencing a lot of those instances, but instead those stories remain important to this story as well and are even used as lessons for Sunstar. 

Despite the few serious moments, Second Coming #2 is still a humorous issue as a whole. God himself provides enough chuckles in this issue on his own. 

Sunstar, however, is kind of surprising me the most. I probably should have expected him and his problems to be one of the series' main storylines, but I expected it to be a little bit more about Jesus. I'm not complaining about this aspect at all, because I am really enjoying watching Sunstar continue to fail as a superhero because it seems to be working towards making his relationship with Jesus better. 

This situation is one that is kind of classic: two people with different personalities team up with hopes of one teaching the other, but find themselves being taught instead. It doesn't even matter how many times we've seen this scenario because the characters in Second Coming make this a very unique take on it. Those two people in this story are a troubled superhero and Jesus, and that alone makes this story its own thing. 

The issue’s artwork is incredible as it accomplishes many goals. Between the talents of Richard Pace, Leonard Kirk, and Andy Troy, the artwork makes the issue feel like a true indie comic book while also making it look as epic as a fantastic superhero comic book. This style of theirs matches the story by also being really unique and exciting. One part that stuck out to me the most appears towards the end. There’s a gorgeous panel of Sunstar’s eyes glowing really bright, making his head and torso a silhouette, and it looks amazing and alarming all at once. 

With serious themes and a humorous storyline, Second Coming’s second issue is the whole package. Both the writing and artwork are top notch and has me convinced that we’ll be talking about this series for a long time. 

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