Bully Wars #3 Review

by Nathan Koffler on November 07, 2018

Writer: Skottie Young
Artist: Aaron Conley
Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Letterer: Nate Piekos
Publisher: Image Comics

Bully Wars continues to be one of the most humorous and creative current comic book series. This third issue sets us up for the Bully Wars which is inevitable to be a chaotic and hilarious mess.

We arrive at the location that the Bully Wars are taking place and tag along for the introduction the bullies get for the event. Like every issue of this series so far, the writing is so impressive because of how well it takes pretty typical situations or jokes and turns them into original and hilarious ones. I also really enjoy how writer Skottie Young keeps me on the edge of my seat while reading this bizarre all-ages comic book about bullies competing against each other.

On top of that, Young does something that most current series aren’t able to do for me personally: keeping me guessing. I’m not saying each issue reveals some really big important twist that blows me away, but Young definitely has written pages that surprise me when I turn to them. This issue has one of those moments and while it wasn’t a Sixth Sense level plot twist, it was exciting that this amazing series was able to take me aback.

I may sound repetitive but Aaron Conley and Jean-Francois Beaulieu are an absolute major part of what makes this series appeal to me. Once again, this third issue gives us some colorful odd pages that fit the storytelling perfectly. I am amazed that Conley can create artwork that is so beautiful and so bizarre. It is unsettling at times, but in the most incredibly creative way possible. This is exactly what will keep me coming back to this series even if the writing ceases to be good.

But fortunately, the writing has been very entertaining and has made me fall in love with Rufus, which I did not expect to happen after reading the first issue. The story has so much humor, so much strangeness, and so much damn heart.

So for the third time, I am enamored with this hilarious and bizarre series. This third issue pushes the story forward slightly but is building my excitement for the Bully Wars. The writing and artwork are just as good as they were in the first issue and I imagine it will continue to be this fun.

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