Disney Comics and Stories #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 26, 2018

Writers: Vito Stabile and Byron Erickson
Artists: Marco Mazzarello and Francisco Rodriguez Peinado
Colorists: Disney Italia and Egmont
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW

As long as IDW and Disney keep reprinting these new and old Disney comics I’m going to keep consuming them religiously. I’ll read them and enjoy them even when they’re hard to follow or not great because I just love the characters and style of them all so much. Fortunately for me, this giant issue of Disney Comics and Stories is an absolute delight to read because both stories are great and easy to follow. 

I feel like I can go on and on about why I love each of these characters and it would take forever and be boring for you to read. However, for me to explain why I loved this first story so much, I will have to share with you just a tiny bit about what makes me love Mickey and Goofy. 

Mickey Mouse is an iconic character for a lot of reasons but my favorite thing about him is how sweet, happy, and loyal he always is. Of course there are a ton of children’s characters with the same traits, but Mickey Mouse is my absolute favorite one. He also has such an iconic voice that it is so easy and fun to read his dialogue and hear his voice speaking as you do. 

I love Goofy because of how loyal, dumb, and hilarious he is. Again, there are plenty of children’s characters with these traits as well, but I think that Goofy does it best. There are so many characters whose stupidity makes them funny but it is a trope that I get tired of seeing so much in children’s stories. Goofy is written that way and it may just be me personally, but I think that it always works for him. 

The first story of this issue is about Mickey and Goofy’s friendship and it is one of my favorite Disney comic book stories that I have read in a while. It isn’t ground-breaking and it isn’t the most original but between the characters and the many small details of the story, it makes for a really entertaining story of the two pals and what makes them such good friends. 

The second story is very enjoyable as well as it features another cast of characters that I always love: Donald Duck and his nephews. As with the first story, this one isn’t something we’ve never seen before, but again, the characters and details make it funny and heartwarming. 

As with all Disney comics, the art is delightful and makes everything that is happening a little more exciting. There is something about the artwork in all Disney comics both old and new that makes them so interesting to read. It is almost as if they always feel vintage which makes them seem almost exotic. Even while reading this issue which contains two stories that were written and illustrated in 2014 and 2004, it still reminds me of being a child picking up Disney comic books from a convenient store that I bought my comics from. 

Disney Comics and Stories is one of the most charming and entertaining issues to be released this week. Both stories are well written and beautifully illustrated which makes this issue a fantastic comic book to easily sit back and read for some heartwarming stories featuring several beloved characters. There is a lot of quality content within this issue and it is easily worth the money and time that you will spend with it.

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