Jeepers Creepers #5 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 19, 2018

Writer: Marc Andreyko
Artist: Kewber Baal
Colorist: Jorge Sutil
Letterer: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Jeepers Creepers #5 reveals to us how this thesis project of Devon's concludes. We open to him being held captive by the creature and proceed to watch them battle it out. This series hasn’t been the greatest but I am very happy to see that we end on a pretty good issue such as this.

Starting with the writing, there isn’t a whole lot going for it here in this ending issue. But that is simply because this entire issue is basically Devon battling for his freedom while the creature does some really brutal stuff. I don’t necessarily love that they compacted the entire climax into a single short issue, but it is an exciting conclusion nonetheless. Marc Andreyko has proven that he can take material that we have seen too many times now and still make it entertaining. 

Plus, how can I read this issue and not love that it is a beautiful gorefest. There is plenty of blood and bodily injuries and they are illustrated and colored wonderfully. Devon’s entire battle in this issue is reminiscent of the early Jeepers Creepers films which I loved. There are a lot of horror comics out right now and several of them are original, scary, and beautiful. This series may not compare but issues like this last one prove that it is a short read that can be worth a look through.

This issue is a pretty great way to end a series that has been kind of mediocre at times. I really wish that this action-packed climax was longer but I enjoyed the bleak ending and think that it is a solid finale. I doubt that we will be regarding this series as a classic in the future, but this fifth issue is gory and energetic enough to provide some fun horror entertainment for the moment. 

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