Ice Cream Man #7 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 19, 2018

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince
Artist: Martin Morazzo
Colorist: Chris O’Halloran
Letterer: Good Old Neon
Publisher: Image Comics

I never thought that I would see the day that this series would put out an issue that didn’t blow me away. Well unfortunately, this has happened this week with Ice Cream Man #7.

Every issue of this series has been weird, dark, creepy, and unique and I have loved all of them. I enjoyed this issue but it felt like the weirdness, the creepiness, and the darkness was a little forced. From the beginning, the dialogue and the story both seemed a little contrived but I have enjoyed this series so much that I had hope that it would get into it’s usual groove. Sadly, that doesn’t happen.

The shed scene had all of those strange and dark things that I love about this series but maybe my expectations are too high because I didn’t appreciate it too much. This is the most that we have seen of the Ice Cream Man so far and I think that that hurt it a little bit. I did absolutely love how creepy and tall Martin Morazzo illustrated him but I think the previous issues did a better job at keeping him pretty mysterious which made him scarier to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very curious to know what the deal is with the Ice Cream Man and his cowboy nemesis. But this issue gave us a pretty generic standoff that had little significance to the story. Maybe this is an introduction to W. Maxwell Prince revealing the mystery of the Ice Cream Man to us and maybe I will appreciate this issue more if that time comes. As of now, this issue didn’t shock me, scare me, or confuse me like the previous six issues have.

I hate that I was not impressed with this month’s issue of Ice Cream Man but I know that this isn’t the norm. This issue’s storytelling and dialogue definitely felt forced which caused the issue as a whole to suffer. The style is still there and it can still be enjoyed, especially if you have been reading the series up until this point. But this seventh issue won’t have the same effect on you which is quite disappointing.

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