Shadowman (2018) #7 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 19, 2018

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Renato Guedes
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Valiant 

Something that I always really enjoy is when a piece of art is impressively able to capture a dark tone while also being beautiful. This seventh issue of the new Shadowman series perfectly connects darkness with beauty. Every piece of this issue is gorgeous, from the cover to the dialogue, from the storytelling to the artwork. 

There was a moment in the last several issues that have been tracing back the origin of the Shadowman that I wasn’t sure I was fully digging it. But as soon as I finished this issue, I immediately realized how amazing this entire arc has been. I feel like I read several different series every week and some are absolutely amazing and full of great writing. But this Shadowman arc is complicated storytelling that I haven’t enjoyed in comics in a long time. 

This seventh issue has some of the best dialogue of the series thus far. Standing Wolf’s entire discussion with the Keeper of the Dead in her cave was emotional and powerful. His dialogue with the Soul Taker in the end was forceful and dramatic. This writing by Andy Diggle is so great that the issue feels like a constant thrillride even though there is very little visual action. 

On the subject of visuals, Renato Guedes’ artwork in this issue is such a major reason it’s tone is able to be so somber and so hopeful. The limited number of colors he sticks to for this vision into the past is gorgeous. His illustrations of Standing Wolf are stunning and those illustrations electrify the story in this issue. 

This is a very strong issue that contains some very climatic content that is both written and illustrated elegantly. It is solid as an issue on its own but it also pushes the story forward wonderfully. The storytelling is complex and lively which pulls you into it so much that you will be dying to know what happens next. This is some amazing comic book work by some incredibly talented people and I highly recommend it. 

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