Come Into Me #3 Review

by Nathan Koffler on September 05, 2018

Writers: Zac Thompson & Lonnie Nadler
Artist: Piotr Kowalski
Colorist: Niko Guardia
Letterer: Ryan Ferrier
Publisher: Black Mask Studios

I feel like I have been saying it a lot lately, but I will say it again: horror comics right now are amazing. Like all media that fits into the horror genre, I think a lot of it is underappreciated. Come Into Me is such a great horror comic book series and I truly think that it is not getting recognized enough. 

Come Into Me has a very unique story and the team working on it are executing it amazingly. This third issue has a lot to unpack and it will have you wondering what is going on through every page. It is so thrilling and disturbing that I really can’t get enough of this series. By the end of this issue, I was extremely bummed that it was over because the writers, Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler, have reeled me in and I am now here left in complete awe of such a great body horror comic book.

Body horror is an exciting sub-genre because it is one of those ideas that would be horrifying if any of it actually happened to me. This series is about a scientist whose invention of essentially connecting minds has caused a woman to be inside of his body and mind. That idea is bizarre by itself and then watching her take over his entire mind and body while he is lost in a maze of his bad memories is so surrealistic in an amazing and dramatic way. 

The way that this series has been setup has been excellent. The first issue serves as kind of an intro to the invention and shows us what will be the conflict, the second issue serves as a build up to all hell breaking loose, and this third issue is that hell out of its cage. What is so beautiful about this exciting third issue is that as intense as things get, the storytelling still has this almost calm atmosphere to it. It really is a strange style and I am enjoying it tremendously.

What would a good body horror comic book be without disturbing visuals to freak us out? Piotr Kowalski has taken a fantastic and unusual story and showed us just how unsettling that it would look. Kowalski’s artwork in this issue is astonishing with pages filled with scenes inside minds, inside bodies, and in a terrifying real world. His work along with Niko Guardia’s dark and gloomy colors definitely makes this issue more haunting than the story made it.

This series should be getting much more recognition because it really is a solid and unique body horror comic book series that is both written and illustrated extremely well. This third issue impressed me so much and I am really interested to see if the next issue can achieve the same thing. I was enthralled through the entire issue and I really believe that other readers will be too. Horror fans will absolutely enjoy it and I will be recommending it for a very long time. 

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