DuckTales #11 Review

by Nathan Koffler on August 24, 2018

Writers: Joey Cavalieri and Steve Behling
Artists: Luca Usai, Antonello Dalena, Danilo Loizedda, and Cristina Stella
Colorists: Lucio De Giuseppe and Kawaii Studio
Letterer: Tom B. Long
Publisher: IDW

This month’s DuckTales issue is plenty of fun as usual, but it definitely lacks a little bit in the story department. I always enjoy these issues even though the stories are usually pretty predictable. The stories are always still pretty original because the DuckTales characters are loveable and their dialogue is funny. The two stories in this eleventh issue are good, but not as great as I know they can be.

The first story, “Horror in the Highlands,” is about Scrooge McDuck’s plan of opening a museum celebrating his Scottish heritage. It is halted by the mayor of his hometown in Scotland and he claims that McDuck is not really Scottish and there are no records of him there. In an attempt to prove that he is not lying about his heritage, they visit his hometown to find some answers. 

This story is pretty interesting but it didn’t have the amount of humor in it that I have come to expect from Joey Cavaleri. I still enjoyed the premise and I absolutely love the artwork as usual. That is one constant thing I will probably never complain about with this series.

In the second story, “Nightmare on Bear Mountain,” Dewey and Ms. Beakley discover that Scrooge McDuck is missing and get Launchpad to fly them to where McDuck is hiding. This story has a kind of complicated premise that I enjoyed. It definitely wasn’t your usual DuckTales story. I did finish the story with interest in knowing more details about some of the characters. For example, I want to know more about who Somnabulo is and why he can disappear and what artifact did Scrooge take from him. I’m not saying that I wanted an incredibly long explanation because I know this is a children’s comic book and the story is kind of short, but I just wanted a little bit more and I think that the writer could have easily fit it into the story with the space that he had. 

Overall, this issue is good and is definitely worth a read for those who have been keeping up with the series. I was a little disappointed because I feel like both of the stories in the issue had potential to be funnier or more interesting as these issues usually are. But as a whole, I found the issue entertaining and it did satisfy my monthly need for some DuckTales comics.

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