Jughead: The Hunger #8 Review

by Nathan Koffler on August 22, 2018

Writer: Frank Tieri
Artists: Pat & Tim Kennedy and Joe Eisma
Colorists: Matt Herms and Andre Szymanowicz
Letterer: Jack Morelli
Publisher: Archie Comics

“Four months later, he spray painted his office with his brains.”

Jughead: The Hunger #8 is attempting to uncover the truth about werewolves and their history in Riverdale in a new documentary series called Werewolves of Riverdale: The Untold Story. Miss Suarez, a television reporter, is sharing with us a story about the legends of werewolves through history and up until the present. She even addresses that Reggie and Veronica are both the Riverdale Rippers with Reggie wearing a werewolf mask. This entire episode of Werewolves of Riverdale: The Untold Story is informative and would be very alarming if I were a resident of Riverdale.

This eighth issue of this amazing horror series is so enjoyable with it's TV show structure show because it helps remind us that behind this story of monsters that we have been following, there is still a town with innocent people trying to live their normal lives. As they attempt go about their day, they turn on the TV and see this very serious news report about the history of monsters in their quiet little town. 

Even if they don’t believe in this nonsense, they are still told in the same report that two teenagers are murdering people in Riverdale while one of them wears a werewolf mask. I imagine this is quite unsettling for these residents and that makes it entertaining to me.

Along with the history of werewolves and murdering teens, Frank Tieri makes sure to add a little bit more depressing content. Hiram Lodge shares a story at the end of the program about his uncle and that story is pretty sad and Mr. Lodge tells it in a dismal way. 

Once again, this issue also has some beautiful artwork that sets the dark tone of the story. Anytime we see a werewolf in the issue, I am amazed at how stunning and detailed it is illustrated and colored. I also really enjoyed the gory scenes that show Reggie murdering his victims. These images are dramatic and intense and definitely drives home the feeling of a horror comic book. The artwork in this issue and all of the ones before it are absolutely perfect. The colors are an added layer that really bring the visuals together. It all blends to create a haunting atmosphere.

Overall, I love every bit of this eighth issue just like I did the previous seven. Everything I like about this series is here in this issue and this team is still finding creative ways to keep the story fresh. This issue has gore and drama and those are the two things that I believe that this series has embraced the most. Every aspect of this issue is just excellent from the chilling storytelling to the horrifying yet gorgeous artwork. 

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