Shadowman (2018) #6 Review

by Nathan Koffler on August 21, 2018

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artist: Renato Guedes
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Valiant

Shadowman’s sixth issue is the third part of the Dead and Gone story arc which has been following Jack as he falls through time and visits his ancestors as he slowly sees the origin of the Shadowman. This issue takes us all the way back to Africa in 40,000 BC as we meet Standing Wolf who, like Jack’s other ancestors, comes face to face with something that makes them want to seek revenge. This issue’s villain is The Soul Taker and he has taken everything from Standing Wolf and that sends Standing Wolf on a mission to find the Keeper of the Dead.

I enjoy visiting Alyssa in the present at the beginning of this issue because it reminds us that following Jack to the past isn’t meaningless. Here in the present, Alyssa is still fighting to pull Jack out of the void he is stuck in while also having to keep people like the Brethren from knowing the truth. The structure of this issue made me excited for what is to come in this story because we can see that Jack is probably going to come back from these epic adventures into the past to create a very exciting present. 

The travel back to 40,000 BC is probably my favorite stop on this route. Standing Wolf is a badass guy and his action scenes look incredible. Renato Guedes illustrates Standing Wolf as this awesome hero with dreads and a loincloth. Every bit of action he is a part of, whether it is against animals or the Sorcerer and his warriors, Guedes make it look exhilarating. On that note, The Sorcerer looks like an intimidating and fearsome villain who I wish we could see more of. 

So far, every one of the Dead and Gone issues have ended with a marvelous ending panel and this one is no different. It is the perfect simple image we need to leave us wanting to know what is next in this story. 

Shadowman has consistently been a strong series with a lot of interesting storytelling and beautiful art. This sixth issue tells a story with a smooth pace that perfectly fits in as an installment among the others around it. It seems that Andy Diggle made sure that this issue is a perfect part of the buildup for the conclusion that is soon to come and it’s done it’s job at making me anxious for the next one.

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