Sonic the Hedgehog (2018) #7 Review

by Nathan Koffler on July 25, 2018

Writer: Ian Flynn
Artist: Adam Bryce Thomas
Letterer: Corey Breen
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Well, it is finally revealed who is behind all of these organized attacks. Neo Metal Sonic is back to continue Eggman’s plans of taking over the world and we now have an added layer to this dramatic and exciting story and a new villian for Sonic and company to beat. 

I have really enjoyed this whole series so far and I feel like it is Ian Flynn at his finest. The writing is really entertaining and there are never any dull moments. This series feels a lot like comic books that I read as a kid that were based on television shows and video games. It is really nice to read these issues because I can see how they will satisfy fans whose childhood was full of Sonic and I can see how they are probably a lot of fun for the younger audiences that are maybe just being introduced to Sonic. I think that that is really important for Sonic to live on and Flynn obviously sees that as well and has done the job right. 

That is all very clear in this seventh issue of this rebooted Sonic series. The story is extremely thrilling while also being a comic book that is nice to read while relaxing. The reveal of Neo Metal Sonic was really entertaining and I enjoyed how he spent a page explaining everything about his plans just like his mentor and creator Eggman would have done. The meeting between the original group of heroes from the Sonic universe in the end really added the cherry on top. It definitely hit me with a wave of nostalgia and that end panel of the victory jump pumped me up to the point that I almost stood up in the middle of the coffee shop and did a victory jump as well. 

To add to the list of things that I love about this series, the fact that there are alternating artists for each issue is amazing. I am always a fan of seeing multiple artists illustrate the same characters in the same story. I feel like it adds a sense of adventure to go along with the already exciting story. Adam Bryce Thomas beautifully illustrates this issue with some of the best action scenes of the series so far. He even switches up drawing styles in each panel during the big battle between Sonic and Neo Metal Sonic and it absolutely blew me away when I got to that page. 

This series is a nice treat that I look forward to every month. Between Flynn’s storytelling and the carousel of talented artists, each issue contains some amazing and classic comic book action while remaining fresh. Sonic the Hedgehog #7 gives us an amazing battle scene, a nice twist, and a really fun reunion at the end. This issue makes me more excited for the next one more than any issue prior has done. Its drama and conflict with our favorite hedgehog easily create the comic book of the week for me. 

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