Fraggle Rock #3 Review

by Nathan Koffler on July 18, 2018

Writer: Art Baltazar
Artist: Art Baltazar
Publisher: Archaia

This third issue of this new Fraggle Rock mini-series is another fun, short, and creative all-ages comic book. Like all of the episodes of the Fraggle Rock TV series, these issues each have a heart-warming message as its theme. Also like the TV series, these themes are achieved by using some really funny and strange characters and scenarios.

We immediately see Gobo searching for something in his room and we don’t know what that thing is. Over the course of the short issue Wembley, Boober, Red, and Mokey come into the room to see what all the fuss is about. We never learn what this mysterious item is that Gobo is searching for, but he does explain what it is in hilarious vague descriptions. I won’t give away this very shocking ending but in this process we learn a valuable lesson about spending time with our friends.  

Art Baltazar is this issues’ writer and artist and his art is the most unique of the three so far. It is much brighter than the art done on the first two issues which definitely adds an extra sense of fun to the story. However, it is similar to the other two issues in that it is absolutely gorgeous artwork.

This issue is another great comic book for children with a fun and charming lesson accompanied by some bright and elegant artwork. It can definitely be enjoyed by all ages but is absolutely designed for children. I really believe that children will adore this issue and its characters which will introduce them to this amazing world that was most likely a major part of their parents’ childhood. 

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