Shadowman (2018) #3 Review

by Nathan Koffler on May 22, 2018

Writer: Andy Diggle
Artists: Stephen Segovia & Adam Pollina
Colorist: Ulises Arreola & David Baron
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Publisher: Valiant 

This third issue of the new Shadowman series is an incredible piece of artwork in every aspect. This issue blew me away with its storytelling, its art, and its colors. The first two issues of this series were great but this issue is beyond those. 

I’ll start explaining what I loved about this issue by sharing what I enjoyed the most about it. The storytelling is fantastic but the artwork in this third issue is what truly makes it such an amazing comic book. There are two scenes in particular that contain the artwork that impressed me the most. 

First, the artwork when Jack enters the safehouse and walks through its hallways is so interesting and extremely detailed. Stephen Segovia and Adam Pollina must have really put some work into these scenes and it is very noticeable. The bizarre illustrations when Jack opens the first door really made me fall in love. This scene would be great because of the illustrations done by Segovia and Pollina by themselves, but I honestly don’t think I would have loved the artwork as much without the colors that Ulises Arreola and David Baron added to it. 

The second scene that contained my favorite artwork of the issue is the scene in which Jack meets up with Baron Samedi in Samedi’s lair. The purples that Arreola and Baron use in these scenes are absolutely perfect. Also, once again, Segovia and Pollina have added some amazing details to the scenery that are beautiful.

Like I have said, the storytelling in this series has been great and this issues’ is no different. I really enjoy it because it is complicated just enough to make me want to keep reading. Andy Diggle adds layers to this complicated story but he does it in such a smooth way that every several pages has more story added to it. The voodoo fantasy that is the center of this series is very intriguing and Diggle introduces us to it all very seamlessly. 

Of the first three issues of this new Shadowman series, this one impressed me the most. It is packed with so much action and story that it feels so much longer than 33 pages and yet I’m never bored with it and am still bummed when I reach the last page. There is nothing lacking from this third issue as the writing and artwork are all incredible and come together to make a really fun and exciting comic book. Do yourself a favor and get caught up with this series because it is obvious that this story is going to continue to be exhilarating. 

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