Garfield 2018 Vacation Time Blues #1

by Nathan Koffler on May 16, 2018

Writers: Mark Evanier and Scott Nickel
Artists: Antonio Alfaro and David DeGrand
Colorist: Lisa Moore
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Kaboom!

Garfield is back with a 44-page special all about vacationing at the beach and, of course, eating. I enjoyed Garfield comics as a child and this special made me very nostalgic. It has everything that has made Garfield an iconic character for this long. He’s sarcastic and kind of mean and Jon is a grumpy pushover. They are truly a great duo and are always fun to read about. This special takes that to a new level with some really creative storytelling and artwork. 

The issue consists of two stories, the first being “Sandy Sandy.” This story is hysterical from start to finish. As beautiful Sandy is attempting to make Jon her sugar-daddy, Garfield and Odie are using their time at the beach to live out a fantasy of being lost in a desert. What makes this story so great is how hilarious Mark Evanier has written the dialogue. There are several panels that made me chuckle out loud. Antonio Alfaro’s artwork in this first story is similar to the original Garfield comics but with a beautiful modern look to it. 

The second story, “The Summer of The Lasagna Monster,” is a funny and pretty bizarre one. In this story, Garfield battles The Lasagna Monster while on vacation at the beach. I enjoyed this story because Scott Nickel took these classic characters and put them in a newer strange story. The artwork is interesting as well because David DeGrand illustrates the characters in a fresh and more cartoony style. The story and the art weren’t what I expected but I really had a lot of fun reading it. 

Old fans of Garfield and new ones will definitely enjoy this Vacation Time Blues special. Its is packed with humor that is appropriate for all ages that is sure to create some new fans of Garfield. This special is a great easy read that would be perfect to take with you on any vacations you have planned this summer. 

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