Goosebumps: Download or Die! #3 Review

by Nathan Koffler on May 16, 2018

Writer: Jen Vaughn
Artist: Michelle Wong
Colorist: Triona Tree Farrell
Letterer: Christa Miesner
Publisher: IDW

The Download and Die! mini-series comes to an end with an action-packed third issue. Mitra and her friends battle several different monsters that are all there because of this evil phone. We see some familiar monsters as well as some other strange ones and all are after this mysterious phone.

I know I said it about the last issue, but this series as a whole feels so much like an original Goosebumps story. Goosebumps was my introduction to horror at a young age and it was a perfect introduction because it involved kids like me in these bizarre scenarios. Jen Vaughn wrote a story that I believe can accomplish the same thing for this younger generation. The characters are very relatable for an all-ages comics which I believe will help kids enjoy this series even more.

Also like the original Goosebumps, Vaughn has written a story that is the perfect amount of horror for an all-ages comic book. This issue does a great job at being both fun and creepy, just like a classic Goosebumps story would be. Between Slappy and his skeleton sidekick and dinosaur people, it’s got enough peculiarity to satisfy both young and old Goosebumps fans. This final issue also concludes with such a great, creepy ending that makes me even more sad that this is all we are getting from this team for these characters.

Michelle Wong’s illustrations and Triona Tree Farrell’s colors are incredible in this third issue. These two together make anything about this creepy story much creepier. Not only does Wong illustrate all of the monsters in the issue really well, she and Farrell create a creepy atmosphere in each panel. They have made Jen Vaughn’s story more amazing by giving us beautiful artwork to showcase it.

Even though I really want more of this story and these characters, I have to admit that this is a great final issue to this mini-series. One of the best things about this issue and this series as a whole is that it is really fresh and nothing feels forced. The whole story is enjoyable and it wraps up really nicely in this thrilling third issue. 


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