Pumpkinhead #3 Review

by Nathan Koffler on May 14, 2018

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artists: Blacky Shepherd & Kyle Strahm
Colorist: Arancia Studio
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Publisher: Dynamite

The third issue of this Pumpkinhead series is the best issue so far. It is full of excitement and amazingly strange artwork. Despite an interesting, but somewhat slow build up from the first two issues, we get a lot from this one. This team have started giving us the horror comic book I have been wanting from this Pumpkinhead series. 

Cullen Bunn uses this issue to push the story forward with our several characters starting to cross paths. He also uses this issue to use a lot of action to build the tension and leaves us wondering what to expect next. We are introduced to more demons in this issue and it really helps make the story much more thrilling. Cullen does a great job at writing the redneck dialogue that I know and love from the movies. 

Blacky Shepherd has officially won me over with this issue. The artwork is perfectly dark and course to fit the story and characters. The action is as exciting as it is because Shepherd illustrates it beautifully and adds some much appreciated gore. Pumpkinhead and the other demons could not have been drawn better for a comic book by anyone else. The fight scenes between the demons are some incredible horror comic book action and is definitely worth a look at. 

Between the writing and the artwork, this issue comes together to be an exciting ride that leaves me wanting more as soon as possible. I always enjoy a comic book issue that is so good that I’m angry that I have to wait a month to get the next one, and this issue is one of those comic books. Horror comic books can be really hit and miss and I think that this is a hit especially because of this issue’s creativity. 

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