Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock (2018) #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on May 09, 2018

Writer: Jared Cullum
Artist: Jared Cullum
Letterer: Mike Fiorentino
Publisher: Archaria/Boom!

I began watching episodes of Fraggle Rock once I heard this was announced. I loved the show as a child in the 90’s as it was introduced to me by older cousins and rewatching it definitely made me feel nostalgic. One of the main things that I noticed while rewatching the show is how surreal it is in only a way that 80’s fantasy can be. 

Jared Cullum captures this surrealism of classic Fraggle Rock and his beautiful watercolor artwork is to thank for that. The colors specifically are unique and make it enjoyable to look at.  The artwork perfectly creates the setting of Fraggle Rock and the characters that live there and will be entertaining for adults who were fans as children and the children of today.

The story in this short comic book is both simple and inspirational. Mokey has lost her muse and can no longer paint because she can’t find inspiration. The citizens of Fraggle Rock join together to try to help their friend find what she needs to paint again. She finds the motiviation she needed during an unexpected meeting with a new friend, Tank Doozer. The message of the story tells us to follow our hearts, which may seem like an common message, but it is very creatively given to us by Cullum. 

This first issue of four is a delightful read for new fans and old. Jared Cullum’s watercolor illustrations make this book a book of art as much as a comic book. Everything about the artwork is beautiful and it helps us to understand the encouraging message of the story. This issue is a homerun for the series and I am very excited to see what Cullum has in store in the next three issues. 

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