Ice Cream Man #4 Review

by Nathan Koffler on April 25, 2018

Writer: W. Maxwell Prince
Artist: Martín Morazzo
Colorist: Chris O’Halloran
Letterer: Good Old Neon
Publisher: Image Comics

This fourth issue of Ice Cream Man is another masterpiece by this incredibly talented team. It has everything that made the first three issues great: horror, bleakness, and heartache. It may seem weird that reading such a melancholy and eerie comic book can be so enjoyable, but it absolutely is in every single way.

W. Maxwell Prince has really created one of the most interesting ideas for a comic book series with Ice Cream Man. It is similar to anthology movies where each story is different but has an underlying commonality in it. So far we have seen four stories and they are all connected through the Ice Cream Man. They are also all related by them being four amazingly bizarre stories. 

Prince’s story for this issue involves a man who has to do the eulogy for his childhood friend whom he has not seen in a while. There he meets his deceased friend’s father and shares with him an issue he is having in life. This issue is maybe the most heartbreaking and the most horrifying issue yet. The dialogue between Joel and Mr. Carson is so real and sad and Chris’ situation is even more sad with some added unsettling scenes. Prince does all of it so well that you can experience the strangeness of the issue and still thoroughly enjoy it. 

Martín Morazzo is the perfect artist for this series as I have said over and over again. These four issues should be shown to young comic book artists on how to illustrate anything that is given to you and how to do it perfectly. This issue’s artwork captures the sadness of the funeral and the bar really well. His work on the few pages that we see Chris proves to us that we are looking at some of the most genre-defying comic books currently in print. Prince makes this issue amazing and Morazzo along with colorist Chris O’Halloran makes that amazingness explode into our eyeballs and imprint onto our brains.

Ice Cream Man #4 should be read immediately by anyone reading this. It is the most fun you’ll have reading a comic book that is also making you depressed and kind of scared. This team has taken so many terribly real things about life and artistically created a comic book of them so that we can see these nightmares outside of our minds. This fourth issue is another perfect comic book to add to the first three. 

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