Goosebumps: Download or Die! #2 Review

by Nathan Koffler on April 11, 2018

Writer: Jen Vaughn
Artist: Michelle Wong
Colorist: Triona Tree Farrell
Letterer: Christa Miesner
Publisher: IDW

I expected to like this Download or Die series and I was right because I enjoyed the first issue. I did not expect to fall madly in love with it, which I did while reading this second issue. This story has become the perfect Goosebumps story for the newer generation. It has all of the little things that made me like the original books and TV show series, while also having so many new things that make it modern and relatable.

The first issue left us with a pretty creepy last page that made me very excited to see where this issue would take the story. It picks right back up at the sleepover and the girls try to make sense of the scary events that happened in the night. Mitra continues to become manipulated by the mysterious phone which is now causing issues with her friends.

Jen Vaughn has created a story that is complicated but not confusing. There are so many ideas to explore deeper into the story like friendship, technology, and love. But the fact that these are all swimming beneath the narrative, it does not take away from the smoothly flowing main storyline that is pretty creepy almost the whole time.

I may have said it in the review of the first issue, but I often am annoyed by how young people are portrayed by older people in any media, especially when it comes to technology. It is usually so unrealistic and cheesy. Jen Vaughn again in this issue solves that problem by writing teenagers that are both interesting and believable. She also bases an entire story on teenagers with technology and manages to not make their use of it cringey like a lot of other media does.

I am also very impressed with Michelle Wong’s artwork in this issue. She is the definitely the right person to illustrate these characters as she has proven in this stunning issue. Her and colorist Triona Tree Farrell have added to the creepiness throughout this issue with shades of pink in some of the scary panels which actually works amazingly.

This issue revealed to me that this isn’t a generic media tie-in comic book series. This team came to amaze us and it has officially amazed me. It is full of drama, horror, and sadness which makes an incredible all-ages horror comic book. Everything in this issue is written and illustrated beautifully. I was entertained from the first page to the last and I think that you will be too.

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