Sonic the Hedgehog #2 Review

by Nathan Koffler on April 11, 2018

Writer: Ian Flynn
Artist: Adam Bryce Thomas
Letterer: Corey Breen
Publisher: IDW

We are fortunate to get another issue of this new Sonic the Hedgehog series only a week after it’s debut. We are also fortunate that Ian Flynn and Adam Bryce Thomas, who are both very talented, teamed up for this second issue. I really enjoyed the first issue and expected to love the second as well and Flynn and Thomas’s work met my expectations again.

Ian Flynn knows how to naturally write these characters and these stories. He is doing a great job at layering the story in a way that is giving us a few different characters to follow as the series continues on. This issue was dialogue-heavy, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t action and some humor. The entire issue is action-packed all while Amy Rose attempts to convince Sonic to join the resistance again. This kind of writing is what makes everyone from all age groups coming back to all-ages comic books. The story is fun and exciting and is layered without being confusing.

Adam Bryce Thomas is no stranger to Sonic the Hedgehog comics. He contributed a lot of the artwork for Sonic comic books while Archie Comics was publishing it. So along with Flynn being able to write these characters so naturally, Thomas also illustrates them very naturally. There is absolutely nothing bad to say about the artwork in this issue. It is very detailed, colorful, and super sleek.

The reboot of Sonic the Hedgehog is a success as far as I am concerned. The story so far is exciting and it is obvious that it will unfold into an epic tale following our heroes. This issue establishes more interest in the characters and the war they have been fighting. It also contains artwork that is absolutely beautiful. I enjoyed this second issue a lot and am very happy to see that these beloved characters are still as entertaining as they ever were.

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