Goosebumps: Download or Die! #1 Review

by Nathan Koffler on March 28, 2018

Writer: Jen Vaughn
Artist: Michelle Wong
Colorist: Triona Tree Farrekk
Letterer: Christa Mesner
Publisher: IDW

This debut issue of the Download and Die! series is quite a fun introduction. It definitely has that original Goosebumps charm, which is what I was really hoping for with this series. There is enough content in this first issue that it creates a real excitement to read what happens next.

At the beginning of the issue, I didn’t really like how cheesy the writing was. I almost made up my mind that the series maybe wasn’t for me and I’d stop reading after this issue. But the issue goes on to tell a really fun and interesting story that I easily overlooked what I didn’t like in the first couple of pages. I also started to see that the beginning is just as cheesy as the original Goosebumps books and episodes that I loved so much, which made me then enjoy it for what it is.

I appreciate that Jen Vaughn was able to give this story a modern vibe that focuses on technology without looking like it is trying too hard. This issue has a great flow and it was very easy to get lost in what was happening. There is also some really creepy moments, more creepy than the Goosebumps series that preceded this one had.

The one thing that I didn’t enjoy though is the art. I don’t hate it at all, but it definitely looks kind of simple, but not in a minimalistic way. I also didn’t not like it enough that it took me out of the story. The artwork isn’t my favorite but it definitely does it’s job in this issue.

Overall, this first issue of Download or Die! is a really entertaining comic book that I imagine a lot of people will enjoy. The storytelling is amazing and it keeps you engaged the entire time. The artwork is pretty ordinary but it doesn't take anything away from the story.  It may seem like it is guided more toward the younger audience, but don’t let that fool you. This issue can be enjoyed by comic book readers of all ages.

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