Adventure Time #73

by Nathan Koffler on February 07, 2018

Writer: Kevin Cannon
Artist: Joey McCormick
Colorist: Maarta Laiho
Letterer: Mike Fiorentino
Publisher: Kaboom!

Adventure Time #73 is the final issue in a four part story arc called Double Troubles, which has been a really fun arc. This issue wraps it up nicely and hilariously as expected. We see our heroes, Jake and Finn, find the solution to ridding the Candy Kingdom of the thousands of doubles with lots of humor and adventure.

Kevin Cannon’s writing has been a major highlight for me in these four issues. His dialogue stays very true to how we expect Jake and Finn to speak while also making a lot of jokes along the way. This issue made me chuckle out loud several times, as the other three have. The story is ridiculous but not too ridiculous for the Adventure Time universe, which makes it perfect comic book storytelling. I’ve grown to really appreciate Cannon as a writer and will enjoy following his career going forward.

Joey McCormick delivers the perfect depiction of the Land of Ooo with his very well done cartoonish artwork. It, like Cannon’s storytelling, does a great job at making the Adventure Time universe the bizarre place that it is without trying too hard. His artwork is fantastic all around and is the perfect companion to Cannon’s wrap up of this arc.

I hope that we get to see this team together a lot more in the future. They have shown us what they can do and it is so entertaining that I want more immediately. They have captured the art of creating an exciting comic book and making you anticipate the next even more. Here I am, finished reading #73 and I am in need of more! I highly recommend that if you even remotely enjoy the Adventure Time TV show to pick up the four issues of this arc and I am sure you will love them all.

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