The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson #1

by Nathan Koffler on January 17, 2018

Writers: Eddie Gorodetsky and Marc Andreyko
Artist: Stephen Sadowski
Colorist: Hi-Fi Colour Design
Letterer: A Larger World Studios
Publisher: Image Comics

The Further Adventures of Nick Wilson #1 starts the five part miniseries published by Image Comics. The series is written by television writer and producer Eddie Gorodetsky and famed comic book writer Marc Andreyko and illustrated by famed comic book artist Stephen Sadowski. Those three names alone give this series some major potential to be something really amazing or extremely disappointing.

But I’m going to go ahead and say that it is going to be pretty good. The first issue introduces us to Nick Wilson, who was a very popular superhero for several years when he was younger, but has since lost his powers and is attempting to stay out of the public eye. Nick gets into a car accident that gets covered by the news which then leads who we can assume is the villain to finding him and requesting his presence.

I don’t think that I find Sadowski’s artwork in this series to be as impressive as I would have expected. I don’t know if maybe he is just better at drawing superheroes in their crime-fighting outfits or more action styled comic books, but his artwork falls a little flat in this first issue in my opinion.

This first issue has on the back cover glowing reviews by very famous celebrities including Elvis Costello, Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, and Penn Jillette, each praising Gorodetsky for how genius and funny this comic is. I’m sure that they got to read more than the first issue, so maybe all that praise was for the series as a whole, but their overall consensus is absent from this first issue. The issue is not bad at all; it is actually quite interesting and Nick Wilson is a complex character that I want to see more of, but, I mean, it’s not a masterpiece. If I am honestly just basing my opinion on this one issue, I don’t see a whole lot of writing that stands out and and I see almost no humor at all. It is of course possible that the parts that were supposed to be humorous went over my head, but I think it’s just dull comedy comic book writing.

If I didn’t know the big names attached to this series, I wouldn’t know that they were award-winning writers based on this issue. But like I said previously, it is not a bad issue at all. It will be fun to watch what is in store for Nick WIlson in the future issues, but I am not anxiously waiting for the second issue as of right now. I am open to my mind completely changing on this series as it progresses, so in time we will see.

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