Under #2

by Nathan Koffler on January 17, 2018

Writer: Christophe Bec
Artist: Stefano Raffaele
Colorist: Christian Favrelle
Translator: Mark McKenzie-Ray

It bothers me that this series is getting almost no coverage because it is very good. I am absolutely in love with everything about this comic book and I think if others knew about it, they’d fall in love too.

Titan Comics’ international imprint Statix Press publishes this second part of a great series called Under. It is a story about mutated camel spiders that have grown and made the sewers of Megalopolis their home. Disgraced cop Jericho is hired to get rid of these spiders as up until this point they have caused a crazy amount of injuries and deaths. The first issue in this series was exciting and interesting and this issue is maybe even more so.

There is a lot of action from fighting lots of spiders, fighting a giant spider, to shootouts with Rogues, gangs of violent homeless people who live in the sewers. There is also still a lot of drama from a corrupt mayor, a disgraced yet hero cop working as a sewer cop, and the relationship between Jericho and scientist Sandra Yeatman.

There are also some parts of this issue that were creepy and unsettling, one such moment involving dead fetuses. This comic book makes you feel the anxiety of roaming these tunnels of the sewer with the fear of Rogues and giant spiders. The writing is solid and keeps you engaged throughout the entire book. The more action you want, the more it continues to give. The premise of this story is scary but it could have been a complete miss. Fortunately, they put together the right people to make it an incredible comic book series.

The writer and artist use all 52 of their pages to create a comic book experience that is nothing but fun. The gore, the horror, the drama, and the action come together to form one of my favorite comic books in a while. I gave the first issue a 10/10 and I have no reservation giving this second issue a 10/10 as well.


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