Judas #2

by Nathan Koffler on January 10, 2018

Writer: Jeff Loveness
Artist: Jakub Rebalka
Letterer: Colin Bell
Publisher: Boom! Studios

This Judas series has taken maybe the most famous story of history and portrayed it in such an epic manner that it is impossible not to want more. This team just clicks on so many levels and all of their talent comes together to make something beautiful and unique. In this second issue, we see Judas meeting who is supposed to be Lucifer. First of all, I love that Lucifer is not drawn as a red guy with horns, but as this interesting old yet tough aged fallen angel.

Throughout the issue, Lucifer explains to Judas that maybe his beliefs about God aren’t necessarily truthful. He brings up lots of examples taken from the bible to prove his point, and they are accompanied by more fantastic art of these bible characters by Jakub Rebalka. I enjoy how Jeff Loveness formed Judas as a character because he is easy to identify and sympathize with. He is confused about things that hold a lot of weight in the future of the universe and is being revealed things that are explicitly challenging the very truth he became a disciple of.

The colors and sharp detailed artwork really brings this series alive. Rebalka manages to create artwork that is both beautiful and haunting. Put alongside Loveness’ creative retelling of ancient Christian mythology and theology, the art is absolutely perfect.

This second issue really bridges the gap of what the first issue gave us and where the cliffhanger from this issue left us off on. The first issue introduced us to this reimagined story of Jesus and Judas’ betrayal, showing us there are so many layers to this story and so many different angles to approach it from. That first issue ends with a fantastic and intense preview of where we know we will see Judas next. Now here we are, reading of Judas’ trip through memory lane with Lucifer and another several layers and angles added to the story, and still, they manage to end this issue on another major scene that is sure to leave you excited for the next issue.

Boom! Studios made a wonderful decision when they greenlit this series because we are seeing some incredible writing and artwork from a team that has something to prove. This issue is such a great read and really, anyone and everyone should pick up these first two issues and give them a read. If this series does not blow up, I will be thoroughly surprised because there is so much hidden talent in these first two issues.


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