Jem and the Holograms: Dimensions #2

by Nathan Koffler on December 28, 2017

Writers: Sarah Kuhn and Sarah Winifred Searle
Artists: Siobhan Keenan and Sarah Winifred Searle
Lettererist: Shawn Lee
Publisher: IDW

Any fan of Jem can’t not enjoy this new anthology series featuring all of our favorite Jem characters. Like the first issue, this one is packed full of fun dialogue, awesome outfits, and gorgeous artwork. I went into reading this issue with high expectations and they were very much met!

Again, like the first issue, this second issue features two stories written and drawn by different writers and artists. The first story, Faceoff, has Jem and the Holograms showing up to a party at the same time as the Misfits. To make that situation so much more fun and dramatic is that the party is having a karaoke competition. They then faceoff, each going to extreme lengths to outdo the other group. Siobhan Keenan’s artwork in this first story blew me away. The facial expressions and movements are drawn in such a beautiful and detailed style.

In the second story, Stargirl, we see Shana has come down with a sickness and is having trouble finishing costume designs for her design class. The rest of the group pitch in to help her finish one of her costumes for Andre, who is wearing the outfit for a drag show. The story features a simple but sweet message that will warm your heart. The greatest thing about this story, like the first one, is the amazing artwork. Sarah Winifred Searle’s depiction of the Jem characters is so completely different than Keenan’s in the first story. It’s actually pretty different from any artist who have drawn Jem comics. The style is minimalistic and it looks beautiful. The color of the backgrounds and details are so light that it creates this whole other world than the first story. It is actually quite amazing looking at the two pages that the first story ends and this second story begins.

Overall, this comic is a must read for Jem fans, fans of comic anthology series, or anyone even kind of interested in getting into the Jem universe. You can pick this issue up and be introduced to all of the characters and not feel lost, which will help you go back to the other amazing Jem series a little ahead of the game. The stories are great, packed with funny and sweet dialogue, gorgeous artwork, and great messages.  

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