Rumble (2017) #1

by Nathan Koffler on December 19, 2017

Writer: John Arcudi
Artist: David Rubin
Colors: Dave Stewart
Letters: Joe Sabino

I did not go into this issue knowing the Rumble series from its previous run. I went into it completely fresh and open to what this infamous series had to offer.

My first impression of this book was the very gritty and raw artwork that David Rubin contributed. The events that are going on in the issue are quite bleek and strange and the artwork really captures that. The action is drawn with enough gore to satisfy and horror needs and enough action to make it exciting.

This issue was meant to bring any new readers such as myself up to speed of the Rumble story. It achieved that in some ways for me, but I was still left with lots of questions. It almost feels like the book is a little too full in hopes that they introduce everything that needs to be known. We meet so many characters and I’m still not sure who is who and who the series is even following. But there is enough creepy lore explained that it drew me in because I now really want to know how Rathraq now fits into the future that the issue ended with.

I can definitely tell that the series is going to be good and I will be following as it continues. The story may feel packed in this issue but through that, it shows that they if you just get to the next issue, it will be worth it.

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