Adventure Time #71

by Nathan Koffler on December 07, 2017

Writer: Kevin Cannon
Artist: Joey McCormick
Colourist: Maarta Laiho
Publisher: Kaboom!

The Adventure Time series may be one of my favorite media crossovers I’ve ever read. Like the show, every issue is full of hilarious dialogue between Finn and Jake and of course lots of awesome adventure.

This issue, the second part of the Double Troubles arc, is full of funny writing. I chuckled several times throughout reading it. Finn and Jake end up spending a week in an adventure theme park while their doubles from the last issue clean up the Candy Kingdom for them. Of course, things don’t work out as perfect as they imagined.

We see in this issue Joey McCormick’s artwork like we did in issue #70. His style is definitely more old school comic artwork than Ian McGinty’s, which we’ve seen in the issues prior to this one. The change of style is nice, especially because for me, it is very nostalgic. The art is kind of old school and more cartoonish. It definitely fits the world the comic is trying to make bring you into.

The cover is absolutely great as an Adventure Time fan. An amusement park ride photo of all the main characters of the show going down the drop of one of the amusement park attractions is so much fun.

Like all Adventure Time comics, the adventure is fun, the writing is silly, the problems are interesting but predictable, and the art is strange. Would anyone who isn’t a fan of the show or a fan of  crossover comics enjoy these? Maybe, but probably not. But for fans of the show and the characters, there is enough in this issue to satisfy your adventurous needs.

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