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All-New Captain America Special #1

by Mike McPhillips on May 08, 2015

All-New Captain America Special #1 cover
Writer: Jeff Loveness
Artist: Alec Morgan
Colorist: Nolan Woodard
Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino

Wow. Just, wow.
I honestly didn’t expect much from the Inhuman Error side story when The Amazing Spider-Man Special appeared in my pull box. I almost put it back on the shelves, but figured “ahh, what the hell, why not? I can always appreciate a story if Spidey’s in it.” That said, I’ve never found myself too interested in Attilan or its Inhuman inhabitants, but man, this story changed my perspective.
I can’t speak much for the Inhumans as I don’t know the characters too well, but Jeff Loveness really understands how to write two of Marvel’s major leaguers. Spidey cracks off consistently hilarious quips left and right and delivers two heartfelt speeches that, I admit, made me tear up while reading them. Sam Wilson’s reluctance and fear in living up to Steve Rogers’ Captain America is apparent, but is ultimately outshined by his realization that for better or worse, he is Captain America and he has to own that role. As apprehensive as I initially was on Steve giving up the shield, Sam is living up to expectations tenfold. Even for the characters I’m relatively new to, Queen Medusa, Inferno, Flint, and so on, I feel were portrayed three-dimensionally. Each had a unique voice and personality that befit them to a T. Queen Medusa in particular as I adore the duality between her love for her husband Black Bolt and the direct opposition she expresses for his decision in detonating the Terrigen Bomb.
Inhuman Error overall has fun, often silly writing and complimentary, eclectic artwork, all of which makes for an excellent story. While my ratings are typically for the issue in question, consider my rating for All-New Captain America #1 as a rating for Inhuman Error as a whole. If you love a humorous, action-packed comic book as any Marvel fan should, you NEED to pick up these three issues.

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