Batman: White Knight #7 Review

by Michael D on April 04, 2018

Writer & Artist: Sean Murphy
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Publisher: DC Comics
            In the penultimate issue, Sean Murphy spends most of the time shuffling all the pieces in preparation for the finale.  Unfortunately, some of those character moments feel rushed as a result.

            We ended last issue with the very cool, very creepy, Joker revelation. It doesn’t last long but it gives us a really good look at Jack Napier’s downfall. The city, or at least what’s left of it, begins to realize that they might have backed the wrong horse with Napier. His downfall was a long time coming and feels like it’s handled well, unfortunately, some other parts of this story weren’t quite up to snuff, mainly Batman coming back into the fold as a “good guy”.

           After spending a bit of time in an Arkham cell, Batman is a bit of a changed man. Suddenly, Batman seems a lot more level-headed, even making major steps his relationship with Batgirl, Nightwing, and Commissioner Gordon. It felt very rushed, as if Murphy needed to Batman to be the good guy again just in time for the big finale. Another bit I found lacking was Neo-Joker. Jack and Batman have such a deep history together, standing at two very different viewpoints that a strong and scary villain was needed to convincingly make them join forces.  While this story might be a Napier and Batman story, Neo-Joker is still arguable the main antagonist who brings both of our main characters together. I’m still having trouble believing this character is the evil mastermind who brings Gotham to its knees. While I am enjoying her character, I hope to see a lot more going forward.

           One of my favorite parts of the issue was the conversations between Batman and Napier. Murphy has really created some interesting, complex characters with his interpretations. We haven't really seen them converse alone before and it turns out that they bounce off each other so well. A little reveal from Napier hints that maybe Murphy isn’t done with this universe even after the book is finished.

          Again most of the issue is dedicated to setting up the finale but it was still entertaining. Sean Murphy’s art is still killer and even at issue 7, we’ve yet to see any diminishing returns, and in fact it might be getting even better. We’ll see if Murphy can stick the landing with next month’s issue.

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