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Reactor #1

by Michael D on November 29, 2017

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Dylan Burnett
Colorist: Dee Cunniffee
Publisher: Vault Comics
            This month is officially the month of Donny Cates with him putting out a new title almost every week this month. This week’s new title is Reactor #1 from Vault Comics. Reactor is actually a sequel to Interceptor, published by Heavy Metal. The original creative team returns to tell this tale but under the new up and coming publisher, Vault Comics.

            I’ve never read the original Interceptor title but the book does a good job of catching you up in the first few pages. Humans have left planet Earth after it was overrun with vampires. This story fallows a young girl named Poli, who was sent to Earth to get rid of the remaining vampires. The other main character is a teenager by the name of Weep. She’s part of the human resistance on Earth who were left behind when humans left for space. There isn’t much plot in this first issue but rather it works to introduce the reader to the world of Interceptor. The story instead is more focused on over the top action and humor. The jokes constantly fly and for the most part, they land fairly well. Although, there were a few groan inducing one. Is it still funny to make fun of the Star Wars prequels and Jar Jar Binks? Meanwhile, the action is nonstop. It starts with a giant, dual welding mech flying into a crowd of vampires and hardly lets up after that.

            I found the plot to be a little thin and the characters a little shallow but I did have a lot of fun. If crude humor and over the top action sound like fun to you then pick this up. If not, then steer clear.

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