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The Demon Hell is Earth #1

by Michael D on November 22, 2017

Writer: Andrew Constant
Artists: Brad Walker
Colorist: Chris Sotomayor
Publisher: DC Comics
Lately, DC has begun to revitalize its more supernatural characters with a number of new minis. First Ragman, then Deadman and now the Demon. This 6 issue min-series is handled by a creative team that I didn’t know much about.  Writer Andrew Constant has a number of indie books under his belt and Brad Walker, on art, recently worked on the Aquaman Rebirth title This book was easily the my most anticipated in the wake of the supernatural mini-series announcement and I am happy to report that this team has pulled it off fairly well.

            I have always thought of the Demon, Etrigan, as a particularly difficult character to write, and not just because of the rhyming. The issue drops you right into the world and offers little explanation as to who these characters are. For those unfamiliar, Etrigan has been bound to the soul of the human known as Jason Blood for centuries. Etrigan is evil; it’s in his nature because well, he’s a demon. Jason Blood is a good person and in a constant struggle with Etrigan, his literal inner demon. It’s easy to fall into clichés and hard to write any interesting dynamic between Jason and Blood that hasn’t been explored before. Luckily, the ending to this issue suggest the team knows what they’re doing and put a new twist on that dynamic. Up until the end, the relationship was uninteresting but they did seem to have a good grasp on Etrigan. Etrigan is full on demon here. It’s a treat to see him unleash his power even if it’s only for a brief period. Although, I’m sure it’s on everyone’s mind, Etrigan only rhymes sometimes. For example, when he is in the heat of battle but not when he and Jason and have relationship talk. I found it a little disappointing but I also understand why.

            The focus of this issue is on Jason Blood and Etrigan but the plot is slowly revealed. A mysterious force is at work in Death Valley, trying to create a portal to Hell. The rest of the cast is rounded out by Madame Xanadu and a young girl by the name of Alicia who has a mysterious connection to Etrigan. Just enough is revealed to keep you hooked and make sure you’ll be back next month.

            Brad Walker manages some great art on this issue. His lines are crisp and clean. The energy jumps from the page particularly when Etrigan is finally freed. The best part is that Walker manages to toe the line between cape comic and creepy horror very well

            Constant and Walker manage a strong debut issue with an ending that leaves you wanting more. This is a book that fans of Etrigan have been waiting for. 

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