Forever Evil #2

by mahargen on October 04, 2013

Writer - Geoff Johns

Art - David Finch, Richard Friends, Sonia Oback

Get Caught Up...

The Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 has arrived in the New 52 universe.  The Justice League is presumed dead, leaving the Teen Titans and Lex Luthor to pick up the pieces.  This it's Forever Evil.

What’s Good?

A good story starts with a bang.  There isn't much explanation, and the reader is presented with a world with a number of questions.  Forever Evil #1 started off on the right foot, for the most part.  Here in the second installment, they layers are pulled back and we get glimpses into what is truly happening.  We see the dissention in the ranks of the Crime Syndicate.  We learn of a greater threat that may or may not be out there.  Lex Luthor begins to make his play on his terms.  All elements bringing a cohesive story to life.

This is the first time I've really been pumped for the Forever Evil event.  I've had middling interest in it, of course, but now I'm really feeling invested.  There's a good mixture of teasing and revealing here that makes it feel like the story really is moving forward.  The ending even caught me by surprise.

The art team did a great job here.  The gravity of the situation isn't skimmed over.  The world is in a really bad place, and the art really elaborates on that story piece.  We are given glimpses into the destruction happening around the country and things are dire.  Just the image of the beaten and destroyed Watchtower is strangely beautiful.  

The Verdict…

Art and story collide and really got me involved here.  I've always been committed to this event, but now I'm finally excited for what it will bring.

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