American Vampire : Lord of Nightmares #1

by lucstclair on June 22, 2012

London, England. 1954. A simple public meeting turns into a massacre as the headquarters of the Vassals of the Morning Star, an organisation that hunts & kills vampires is attacked by a group of organised vampires. The purpose of the slaughter was to steal a sealed coffin which contains an ancient evil, which the vamps want to unleash upon the world. Sole survivor, director Hobbes seeks the help of ex-agent Book to assist him in the biggest crisis the Vassals of the Morning Star have ever faced.


The Pros

A gruesome & terrifying new chapter begins from the creator & writer of American Vampire & the illustrator of Batman : Streets of Gotham. Plucked from the American Vampire series, agent Book returns, against her will to face off against an enemy the likes she has never faced. With the American Vampire series, Scott Snyder has created a rich and scary world of vampires & vampire slayers, filled with fresh characters and great villains. Without spoiling this, Snyder digs deeper into the vampire lore than ever before and I’m looking forward to this series in its entirety. I also love the movie style poster cover too.


The Cons

This is Dustin Nguyen’s first non-capes comic and not to lessen his work, but I think his illustrations shine better in the Batman comics.


The Outcome

Bottom line, if you like the American Vampire series, than this is definitely for you. If you’d like to know more about these series, than check out my reviews of all 3 American Vampire trades on this very website.  From Dc/Vertigo.

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A Look Inside


stephengervais's picture

Great debut issue with an amazing ending! Can't wait for issue #2.

lucstclair's picture

I'll be there.