Nightwing #10

by lucstclair on June 22, 2012

As Nightwing is a suspect in the double murder of the Strayhorn brothers, a  righteous & new criminal organisation known as the Tomorrow People are about to stir things up in Gotham City.


The Pros

An interesting new chapter begins for Dick Grayson, as he deals with new costume bad guys, a crooked cop & a questionable business partner. Lots of stuff going on, as writer Kyle Higgins quickly sets up the story as a murder mystery for Nightwing, as he will no doubt attempt to clear his name in the following issues. Regular artist Eddy Barrows does his usual illustrations we’re all accustomed to, that make Dick Grayson look like a pretty boy, but gives Nightwing an edge and a menacing look as one of Gotham City’s protector.


The Cons

The newly introduced criminal organisation is a tad too generic, as they leave their mark at a murder scene. Then again, the story arc has just begun, so we’ll see if these villains will thrive.


The Outcome

I picked up issue #8 & #9 because they were Night of the Owls tie-ins, so I’m officially starting this series as one of my many monthly titles. It goes against my better judgment, because god knows I collect way too many titles, but I like Nightwing, he has a rich “Batman” history and in my opinion has a lot of potential. I’m also a sucker for an awesome cover, which this title seems to put out every month. I will definitely pick up the first Nightwing (The New 52) trade when it comes out in October.


Our Score:


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