Avengers Vs X-Men #6

by lucstclair on June 21, 2012

After an epic battle on the moon, with Iron Man’s actions, The Phoenix Force’s energy was separated and took over the bodies of Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik, Colossus & Namor. The 5 of them took Hope and retreated to earth. Now, 10 days after those events, they have reshaped Utopia into a floating citadel and have begun to eliminate mankind’s global problems. An endless amount of food, water and energy is given freely to every man, woman & child. With the prospect of a perfect world, can the Avengers accept this?


The Pros

It only took 6 issues, but this, let’s face it, dull series is finally picking up. It’s not just endless fighting and reading the same combat over & over again in the tie-ins (how many times can we see Captain America smash his shield in Gambit’s face?). Something actually happens as the story moves forward. Some Avengers have a change of heart about The Phoenix Force, while others still think that eventually the other shoe will drop. I’m curious to see how Iron Fist will have an important role in these events. Olivier Coipel (Siege, Thor) takes over as, hopefully the regular penciller for the rest of the series. His style of drawing is perfect for these cataclysmic world events and god-like beings and it looks extraordinary. Not to dismiss John Romita Jr.’s illustrations, but the work he did looked rushed & a little neglected.


The Cons

This series should have been cut down to 6 issues, instead of 12 and I wish Marvel hadn’t bothered with these dull & repetitive tie-ins that quite frankly are a complete waste of time & money.


The Outcome

This issue packs a punch & gives us the fun & excitement I haven’t felt since the first issue. There’s hope for the future of this mini series. No pun intended. Written by Marvel’s powerhouse of writers featuring Aaron, Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction & Hickman. Cover by the very talented Jim Cheung. From Marvel Comics.

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stephengervais's picture

Finally things pick up in this event. I was ready to drop this title altogether. I actually made it halfway to the cash when I turned around and decided to pick it up. I'm glad I did. This was an actual good issue that took longer than 2 minutes to read. Hopefully this is the turning point for this event.


And Luc I totally agree with you about the Cap and Gambit panel. I never want to see it again!