Saga #4

by lucstclair on June 18, 2012

With The Will stopping at a bizarre space brothel for some “stress release”, Alana waits impatiently for Marko to regain consciousness and explain to him who the hell Gwen is.


The Pros

Things get kinky for The Will as he visits Sextillion, a whore house where anything goes, but even for a freelance killer like The Will, that’s a little too far. A Saga comic is not complete without strange-looking characters and this issue delivers in spades. Alien pimps, interspecies orgies, caterpillar sex slave women & 2 of the oddest looking hostess’ that will creep you out. Yikes. We also get a little bit of Marko’s past girlfriend history that only strengthens his relationship with Alana.


The Cons

My only complaint is that I have to wait 30 days for the next issue.


The Outcome

With this issue’s theme, it has definitely taken a turn for the more adult readers only style, which is not a complaint mind you, but if you’re a parent who loves comics and your kids are also into comics, then I think you should be aware of that fact. Having said that, this is Image Comics finest series as every issue just gets better & better. Written by Brian K. Vaughn (Y : The Last Man) & illustrated by Fiona Staple

Our Score:


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