Ragemoor #4

by lucstclair on June 18, 2012

The fate of Master Herbert, Bodrick, Anaria & Tristano are revealed in the horrifying final chapter of Ragemoor. These poor souls will come to realize that in the end, Ragemoor’s will be done!


The Pros

Dark Horse’s ultimate haunted castle story comes to a bitter end & it’s been a fun ride into the abyss of horror, obsession & madness. Horror novelist Jan Strnad has weaved a H.P Lovecraftian tale of absolute terror that would make Mike Mignola proud. What made this a downright visual feast was Richard Corben’s creepy & disturbing illustrations, nothing makes the look of shadows more affective than the use of black & white. I won’t spoil the ending, but it has a kind of Twilight Zone/Tales From The Crypt feeling that really fits this series.


The Cons

It’s far from a perfect mini series, but it had its share of unsettling moments that made my skin crawl.


The Outcome

In the end it did what it accomplished to do, deliver a bizarre & disturbing horror story about an ancient evil castle with its doomed occupants that dwell within. Dark Horse is the best comic book company that delivers these types of fright stories for any horror fanatic like myself and here’s hoping they continue with that tradition. The entire story arc gets a 4 star rating.

Our Score:


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