Incredible Hulk #9

by lucstclair on June 16, 2012

From the desert to the ocean. After waking up from a strange surgical procedure, the Hulk finds himself deep within the underwater world of Atlantis with a gang of vicious Atlanteans stalking him as Bruce Banner’s schemes keep getting weirder & weirder.


The Pros

Jason Aaron’s plot line will keep you guessing as to what exactly Banner is planning with the Hulk. I’m curious to see where this is going. Cover by Michael Komarck.


The Cons

Ever since Marc Silvestri left this title, it’s been plagued with terrible illustrators or some that have real talent, but their styles just doesn’t fit the Hulk. Case in point, last issue’s illustrations by Steve Dillon. Great artist, but the Hulk didn’t look right, he’s supposed to look like a monster, not a bodybuilder with green skin. And for this issue, Pasqual Ferry’s (Ender’s Game : Battle School) drawings are way too cartoony and belong in a Hulk Adventures comic book for younger readers.


The Outcome

I’ve always been a huge Hulk fan, but if this title doesn’t soon shape up, than it’s el droppo for this title. Maybe I’ll check out the Red Hulk series. From Marvel Comics.

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